Skin Foodie RAW Tub

Skin Foodie RAW Tub

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Your favorite all purpose skin treatment just got supersized to a 16 oz family size tub. This amazing whipped product has endless uses and possibilities. From new to old skin it will help protect and heal! A whipped mixture of nutrient rich butters is easily applied in super small doses! It can be used from head to toe, day and night!

If you are experience a skin issue...start here. If you have super healthy skin and just want to drench your beautiful skin in a conditioning cream to heal and protect start here!

Can be used for almost everything!
Deep Hair Treatment
Tattoo Care
In place of petroleum products
Heels & Hands
Vaginal Moisturizer
Heals Scarring
Under Eye treatment
Make up remover
Belly Balm
Baby Balm
Healing Scrapes and Cuts
Insect Bites
Deep Facial Treatment

Makes a great base for all of you DIY's - add a few drops of your favorite EO and you have created your very own Custom Product.

every ingredient serves a purpose
Raw is an all puprose balm containing only the raw natural butters: parkii (shea) butter, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil

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