We sell items that have a story. Now here's ours..

Located in the most incredible old building in Uptown Centerville, Shoppe Smitten is your new favorite shopping experience. We only sell what we "love and believe in", so we hope that you feel inspired by our unique items and the entire vibe of this special place. From clothing, accessories, apothecary, giftables, and home decor, we truly believe that we have curated the best line for our customers (warmly referred to as our "smitten kittens").

Shoppe Smitten was birthed in the Historic District of Springboro, Ohio where we grew and saw so many changes for our first 7 years in business. We expanded into two Springboro stores, and then in 2022 realized that we had outgrown our spaces so we relocated into an expanded space in Oakwood.

Then in 2024 we finally landed HOME... in Uptown Centerville. It is our personal roots and community, and smack dab in the middle of our customer base. We have the most enchanting old building, private stone courtyard, event bar, and upstairs retail and workshop loft. It's truly an experience in itself walking through our doors! We feel at home here and cannot wait to sink our roots deeper into the Uptown development and into our final home in Centerville.

We are a family owned business, where every purchase is appreciated and helps provide for all the families on our staff. We are obsessed with our business and it's truly run on passion and love.

We have good music overhead, the friendliest staff, the quaintest patio to hang out in, and little treats for your kids. We can't wait for you to join us, and for you to feel completely smitten.


Meet Leslie

I'm Leslie Moss - the owner and dreamer of this magical place! I'm married to Todd, and we're proud parents to Merritt and Griffin, and 3 pups Beasley, Rosie, & Sooie (cute fluffs making our home a zoo!).

I have been a photographer for 16 years, and prior to that in full-time student missions, living for a time in South Africa, summers in Costa Rica, and all around the globe! Todd is a craftsman, musician and woodworker who spends his days in a workshop and always serving others. We are now proud sports parents, love to travel all we can, hit up a good happy hour, and enjoy pool time with our neighbors & friends.

I was raised in my parent's record store (Dingleberry's, for those Dayton OG's), so owning a Mom & Pop shop is in my blood. My goal is to create a unique and inspiring shopping experience, with a greater purpose behind it.

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Meet Cassie

Cassie has been with Smitten since the early days back in 2015 and has continually been faithful to our brand ever since! She's the most kind-hearted, easy going, and hard working one around. She's married to Aaron, a PE teacher and wrestling coach, and they are proud parents to their two adorable boys, Nash & Beau! Aside from newlywed and new parent life, they are also now new homeowners and building the foundation for their family. They love their pup, Righty, and enjoy time with their large close-knit families, large group of friends, or being cozy together at home.

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Meet Natalia

Natalia has been with Smitten for over two years now, and she is one of the sweetest humans you will meet. She has a soft, kind, quiet, agreeable and giggly personality who loves to serve and chat with our customers. She has an eye for fashion and is the queen of thrifting the best finds (you can find her on her Depop page or around town hosting Archived by Natalia pop-up shops!). You will often see her behind our camera, or behind the counter of Saturdays!

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