Skin Foodie Body Mist

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Your favorite Skin Foodie blend is now available in a face and body mist. You can use this product on its own or paired with your favorite soap, butter or scrub. Each blend uses ozonated crystal (amethyst + rose quartz) charged filtered water. Each blend compliments the benefits provided found in each of the butter blends.

You may use this mist in place of a conventional body mist pr perfume. The ingredients are organic, wildcrafted and unadulterated delivering plant nutrients to the skin and allowing you and others to benefit from the aromatherapy properties.

The uses are almost limitless but here are a few suggestions:

Spray your body after a bath or a shower to hydrate and create symmetry in the skins pH.
Carry this to the gym and use after your workout to freshen up your face and body until you make it to the shower.
Simply spritz your face after applying makeup to set your makeup to extend your makeup application as well as create a dewy youthful look. Please use caution when using some blends. Not all belnds are menat for the face and should be used on the body first.
Spritz your yoga mat.
Use as a replacement for fragrance or perfume.
A perfect option for natural organic perfume and body spray.

For use on body. Some blends contains essential oils that should not be directly applied to the face.

Please inquire for questions regarding each spray.


4 oz |

matte black glass bottle |

*****please refer to the body butter listing per blend for specific essential oil blends as well as benefits

aqua (crystal charged water), leucidal (radish root) ferment