Pura 4 Smart Home Diffuser Kit - Volcano


The Pura 4™ smart fragrance diffuser uses innovative smart features paired with premium, clean scents to give you the most modern, customized, and high-end scenting experience possible.

  • Smart Fragrance Enhancement: Elevate your space with the Pura 4 Smart Fragrance Diffuser, blending innovation and delightful scents for a modern and luxurious ambiance
  • Personalized Scent Experience: Utilizing Puralast technology, our diffuser adapts to your preferences, providing up to 120 hours of customized fragrance intensity from each smart fragrance vial; Fragrances sold seperately
  • Consistent Aroma Delivery: With Adaptive Diffusion Technology, the diffuser adjusts scent dispersion based on room temperature, ensuring a reliable and even scenting experience
  • Captivating Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a refreshing aroma encounter as the Pura 4 transforms your surroundings, creating an inviting aura that resonates with sophistication
  • Smart Convenience: Experience the future of home fragrance on Amazon with the Pura 4 Smart Fragrance Diffuser, combining smart technology with captivating scents to redefine your ambiance