It's not Black it's Obsidian



Non-Reflective Lenses

Best for Road, Trail, or Avocado Toast Runs

Introducing the new Circle Gs! We designed these shades to look good and fit comfortably on your face whether you’re doing squats with a dog in your arms or sipping a nitro cold brew.

We use special grip coating and silicone nose inserts to construct our frame to help eliminate slippage when sweating.

Our frame is snug and lightweight, with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while running or crushing any workout.

Glare-reducing, polarized lenses and UV400 protection that blocks those harmful UVA and UVB rays, because you deserve the best.

Whatever persona you're channeling, we guarantee no one wearing Circle G goodrs has ever been mistaken for not being cool. Or dope. Or whatever the lit people are saying these days.

Origin: ...our all new obsidian on obsidian Circle Gs. By definition, obsidian is the hard, dark, glass-like volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization. It's the perfect name for our hipster-y-est style, since by definition a hipster is the hard, dark, glass-like person formed by the rapid solidification of personality without self-actualization.