HLG Peptide Mask


The Peptide MASK is finally here!

This amazing formula is packed with antioxidants and superclay. Dead Sea clay • rose clay • algae • HLG lavender • HLG lavender hydrosol.
No chemicals/non GMO. Each container has enough dry ingredients for 15-20+ masks! 🐝

Packaging will vary due to s&h precautions.

🌱reduce puffiness 🌱make your skin GLOWY 🌱attract and rid toxins 🌱encourage skin cell turnover 🌱hydrate, calm, and tighten skin 🌱

Includes our 4oz MIX + MASK dehydrated algae/clay/lavender mask + MIST hydrosol mini

Directions: scoop 1-2 servings of the dehydrated ingredients into a bowl + add equal parts lavender hydrosol OR water. Mix into a thin paste and apply on face and neck. Avoid eye area.

Leave on for 15mins + rinse off for glowy skin 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

Bowl and brush not included.

Extra lavender hydrosol minis are available as an add-on.

4oz glass container + 1 fl oz hydrosol glass + scoop