Volcano 10 Oz. Mercury Etched Inverted Jar


This memorable and iconic Volcano fragrance will entice you with its tropical citrus and yummy sugary notes. Reminiscent of your beach vacay this scent will transport you to a far off exotic place.

Cheers! Our Holiday Mercury collection will put you in the perfect mood for a festive party. Each fragrance is available in a mercury pearl etched finish and is topped with a white gold lid. Differentiated by a metallic foil label, you can pick your fav holiday fragrance and ensure you get this stunning design.

    • Burn Time: Up to 50 hours
    • Dimensions: 3.16"H x 4.05"D
    • Weight: 10 oz

    Always allow your candle to completely liquefy across the top before blowing it out to avoid tunneling

    Think of it this way – candles have a memory. Wherever it stops burning the first time, it will continue to stop there every time you burn it causing it to tunnel if it has not liquefied all the way across.

    Always keep your wick trimmed to ¼”

    And remember to trim your wick before the first burn, too.