Tropical Palm Floral Silk Bandana Scarf


Add extra elegance to any outfit with a lush, 100% silk bandana. These have a luxurious crepe texture, which makes them a matte silk, and keeps them from slipping as much as silk with more sleek of a sheen. These silks are created from hand, illustrated by Laura Makes designs. This Tropical Palms colorway is a warm brown color. It features illustrations of palm branches encircling a sun, and is finished with dotted detailing. The design is screen printed onto the silk material, and finished off with an invisible hand rolled edge seam. Silks measure 20.5”x20.5” This is slightly smaller than a standard adult sized bandana at 22”, but large enough to be worn around the neck or tied comfortably around the head as a headband. Love this one? Check out my 3 other silk bandana designs that pair beautifully together with Tropical Palms. 

Dimensions | 20.5″ x 20.5″ (52.1 x 52.1 cm)

Fabric| 100% Silk