Skin Foodie Marshmallow Shower Treatment - 4oz Jar


shower treatement | For KP, Dry Skin, Skin Conditions

1 in 3 People suffer from a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris, also known as chicken skin. They are the little red bumps that may be covering the backs of your arms or legs. You may have this and not realize that it is a condition. I discovered KP when a neighbor came to me and asked if I had anything for her 8 year old daughter to use on her arms. Sadly, KP affects an estimated 40-50% of the adult population and approximately 50-80% of all adolescents. Girls/Women are most commonly affected. This is also extremely effective for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, molluscum, and other skin conditions that cause extreme dryness, itchiness and irritation.

The fats and nutrients present in the butters are extremely healing as well as provide a protective layer on the skins surface. Your skin is able to absorb moisture and remain protected. The essential oils play a major role in fighting bacteria, fungus and balancing the pH while also keeping the area clean. If you prefer the raw butter without the oils please check out the listing for the Raw.

instructions |
While bathing aply to cleansed, damp skin. Step into the stream of water to activate. Pat skin dry.

Containing Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, Raw Unrefined Coconut Oil, and a proprietary blend of essential oils. The Shower Treatment is to be applied to the skin after cleansing the skin as an in shower moisturizer. A small amount is recommended and is to be applied to the areas of concerns. You may let the water rinse you as you are applying but do not scrub off. When you get out of the shower pat dry. You can follow with RAW for extra moisture. This has a multitude of purpose! You can use it after you wash your hands. Without WATER it is a wonderful spot treatment for dry skin. It provides a barrier while absorbing all of the wonderful nutrients these RAW butters provide. It contains lime which is an amazing oil for lighten aged skin and age spots. Overall if you are looking for a product to moisturize your skin with little to no effort this is a must have! After I cleanse my children I apply a small amount to their tiny bodies and they go to bed.....wake up and their skin is still super soft! Want super silky smooth legs? Shave and then apply or use in place of a shave cream! If you are like me and have little time for self care this is a must! It also moisturizes so well it allows you to use less of your precious body butter!

TIP: If using in the tub....I wouldn't shave and then will stick to you! Unless, you want to look like a baby monkey!

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4 oz | glass jar


butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, vanilla planifolia (vanilla bean) oil, styrax benzoin gum, althaea officinalis (marshallow) root.