Gold Floral Printed Cement Tray
Gold Floral Printed Cement Tray

Gold Floral Printed Cement Tray

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Raw materials meet modern elegance to make this tray an object of interest in any space. This trendy oval catchall stands out by its contrast of delicate florals stamped onto the inner surface of the smooth cement dish. Each tray is hand mixed & poured, next stamped with a hand carved block, and finally finished with a masonry seal. Seal makes the trays water RESISTANT. Felt stops are adhered to the bottoms for protection. This particular design features an intertwined brush with lovely folk style florals blooming from it. Done in gold ink, on a natural cement. Please expect anomaly’s from tray to tray. Between the combination of its individual concrete pour/mix & hand stamped design, each one comes out unique. Expect small air bubbles, uneven stamping, minor chipping/crumbling on the edges.  
• 7”x 3.75” & ~ 0.75” thick
• cement
• permanent archival ink
• block printed design
• handmade in Colorado

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