Earrings by Skrap Monkey


These earrings use salvaged parts as much as possible while creating this minimal design. 

    • Brass petal.
    • Deconstructed umbrella rod.
    • Stainless steel jump ring.
    • Stainless steel ear wire hooks.
    • Approx. 2.25" in length.

*Each piece is hand made, therefore some pieces may appear slightly smaller or larger than their actual size and may have variation in texture and color.

Each piece is deconstructed from salvaged materials and re-designed into wearable art worthy of making a statement.

Skrap Monkey - by artist Mark Schieferstein is a devoted minimalist, his modern tastes are reflected in everything that he creates. He combs salvage yards for both inspiration and raw materials. He takes these once discarded objects and recreates them into elegant adornment for your body.