Skin Foodie Mermaid Face & Body Spray

Skin Foodie Mermaid Face & Body Spray

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MERMAID SPRAY | Hydrate | Restore pH | Smell AHHHHMAZING

Say What? I know, it's that good!

What if I told you you could use one product to hydrate, set your makeup, add beachy waves to your hair, cleanse your yoga mat and smell like a MERMAID Goddess. Well you can! The facial + body sprays were formulated to hydrate and tone, and restore the skins pH using a natural base of Aloe Vera. Where as many other products use only a water base, which provide a feeling of moisture but then soon evaporate, drying the skin even more. Antimicrobial benefits are provided by the luxurious oils of Lime, Madagascar Vanilla, Tea Tree Oil, and Helichrysum. Helichrysum is considered extremely medicinal providing natural antibiotic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It is a widely desired oil known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and also for its use with skin conditions. It is a perfect choice for achieving clear skin.

I would describe the aroma of this magical mist as a vanilla lime, citrus beach-y clean. It is very refreshing. The very first notes you will notice are the lime and earthy notes of Helichrysum and as the aroma mingles with your skins pH you will notice the warm sweet notes of vanilla. It is delicious.

So HOW do I use this Magical Spray???
The uses are almost limitless but here are a few suggestions:
Simply spritz your face after applying makeup to set your makeup to extend your makeup application as well as create a dewy youthful look.
Spray your body after a bath or a shower to hydrate and create symmetry in the skins pH.
Carry this to the gym and use after your workout to freshen up your face and body until you make it to the shower.
Spritz your yoga mat
Use as a replacement for fragrance or perfume
Spray the Mermaid Spray all over your entire living space to create a clean, fresh, uplifting environment so you can be that MERMAID Goddess and get shit done!
Use instead of hairspray...I personally do not use hairspray, nor will I ever let it near me again. I have found using little to no product in my hair is the best for my hair type...instead I use a little of the hydrating mist after using a styling tool and I seem to have happy hair that shines and holds the look I am trying to achieve. (use a small amount)
Last but not is my favorite way to use this product - keep this close by you all day long and give your self a boost of hydration by spraying just a pump on your face (eyes closed) and your tired dry skin will feel so fresh and so clean clean.

A perfect option for natural organic perfume and body spray.


4 oz | 8 oz
aluminum spray bottle | white misting top

aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), citrus medica (lime) peel oil, vanilla planifolia (madagascar vanilla bean) oil, helichrysum italicum (helichrysum) oil, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil

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