We sell items that have a story.
Now here's ours...

Shoppe Smitten was created so that I could sell what I love and believe in. 

I'm Leslie - a wife, mom, believer, creative, and curator. I'm married to the greatest man who makes my shoppe dreams come true. Todd is a Worship Arts Director at our church, and our hope is to be a light and positive influencers. We're raising two little men - Merritt and Griffin, and reside in the Dayton suburbs. 

I have been a photographer for ten years and Todd a musician and woodworker, so if you don't know us by our creative efforts, then you hopefully know us from the shoppe!

I was raised in my parents music store, so owning a Mom & Pop shop is in my blood. My goal is to create a unique and inspiring shopping experience, with a greater purpose behind it.

Nestled in the historic downtown of Springboro, Shoppe Smitten is a fun shopping experience where you can find unique clothing, jewelry, and gifts, specializing in goods that give back in some way or are artisan made.

Cute, quality, unique, and items supporting a good cause, such as organizations serving the local community, or hard-working mamas... that's the heart of this place.

The shoppe started in a little white cottage as an extension of my photography business and helped revitalize the foot traffic of our little downtown.

We’ve since grown and I continue to dream of what’s next, but never sacrificing what’s most important. You may see one of my kiddos in the shoppe at times... it’s truly a family business.

We have little treats for your kiddos, special little ways to add value to your experience, and we make sure that your purchase feels like a gift to yourself.

So come stop by the little shoppe on the corner, and my hope is that you'll be completely smitten.